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This Fun Activity
Will Have You Feeling Much Better
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They say that time heals all wounds.

But can you really afford to wait and see?

How much of your life have you wasted already, waiting for something?

You’re hurt. Something or someone has been taken from you. How can you take comfort in the fact that time will later make things right somehow?

You need to fill the void inside fast! Before you lose your mind.

You need to break free from the endless loop of loss that is playing in your head. You need to grab hold of something positive right now that will begin to fill the gaping hole in your life.

It better be super- simple too, because at this point in your life you barely have the strength to get out of bed in the morning.

And if you wanted to spend a pile of money you’d just go see a psychiatrist twice a week or go on a shopping spree. But neither one of these activities will give you the quick, permanent life fix you need right now.

Keep reading because I do have a surprising solution that works fast!

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in a solution that causes you to feel better fast, puts a smile on your face, and brings you in contact with more kind, wonderful, exciting people than you ever thought possible.

Instead of just telling you about this solution, let me show you how powerful it is. Let me show you how many different voids can be filled quickly…

Marcia Rubin was a fishing professional who traveled the country giving seminars on bass fishing for her sponsors. Imagine a unique blend of beauty and moxie, full of excitement and passion. Her life changed in a flash when nerve complications from surgery left her without a voice.

Weeks and months passed, but still she could not talk. Not one word. Her sponsors were forced to drop her. She couldn’t work. She couldn’t talk.
Her voice had been taken from her along with the life that she loved. It seemed like her life was over. For the first time in her life, Marcia was deeply depressed.

But as luck would have it, a friend had given her a camera just shortly before her surgery. Since she couldn’t talk to anyone, she preferred to be alone and found the camera gave her a reason to get out. Marcia loved the outdoors and taking photographs became her escape; her therapy.

In her own words, Marcia told me that, “Photography saved my life!”

For two long years, Marcia quietly pursued her photography with the passion she’d previously given to fishing. Her depression lifted. Her hope renewed.

Good news! Since then, additional surgery has given Marcia her voice back. Last time I spoke with her, she’d been invited to display her photos in a gallery. She’s selling her wonderful artwork online too.

Photography really did save her life. In fact, it gave her a whole new one!

Patrice lost her freedom.

As any good family member would do, she took in her invalid brother after he was released from the hospital.

If you’ve ever had to care for someone who cannot care for themselves, you know how demanding that can be. You know the sacrifice and loss of freedom that comes as part of the bargain.

Photography became her escape. It put freedom back into her life.

Whenever she found time, she would grab her camera and head out to take some photos. This was her special “me time” that allowed her to feel some relief from the stress and obligation of caring for one who’s incapable.

Photography made her whole again and put freedom and excitement back into her life. She taking classes now with the goal of selling her photos.

Ken lost use of his legs.

Once a strong and dedicated officer in the Baltimore police department, Ken lost both his career and the use of his legs in pursuit of a criminal. The long tumble down a ravine left him paralyzed in a wheelchair and in chronic pain.

Taking photographs became his therapy and editing photos became his art.
Ken tells me that despite the drugs he must take, the only time he feels total relief from the pain is when he is immersed in his photography work.

David lost his wife after 28 years of marriage.

Alone, angry, resentful and deeply hurt he tried moving across country to escape the loss, but the pain followed him.

At the high end of middle age he found himself cleaning gutters and hauling trash for a handyman. His life was in shambles. He was lost.

Until one day he remembered his box of old cameras. He combined that with his love for avionics. Somewhere 2000 feet above the ground he found his lost self respect and misplaced self confidence…in photography.

Through aerial photography, David found his way back to a career and life that provides the happiness and fulfillment he thought was lost forever.

After divorce, David filled the gaping void in his life with photography.

Dr. Lisa Rene Reynolds, author of “Parenting Through Divorce,” tells me that many of her clients have used photography as a way to heal post-divorce.

I could go on and on with remarkable stories like this, but rather than share stories of other people’s success, I’d like to share what photography can do for you personally.

Several months ago, I commissioned a survey* of 100 amateur photographers asking what effect their involvement with photography
has had on their life.

The results were shocking!

But not to me.

Not to me because I had already experienced so many of the same things these photographers were reporting. In fact, I only commissioned the survey to see if my experience was unique. It was not.

Here is what these amateur photographers were reporting:

* More Active – 3 out of 4 people in the survey indicated that photography made them more active each week.

* Mind Stimulating – All of the survey’s participants said that photography stimulates their mind. Half stated it made them feel more focused, alive and creative.

* Power of Concentration – 82% found the ability to sustain high levels of concentrate while taking photos. (not an easy task in today’s hurry up era of infinite distractions)

* Fun – Most study participants were involved just for fun, deriving no income at all from their photos.

* Boosts Self Esteem – 93 people out of 100 reported that photography made them feel good about themselves.

* Lifts Spirits – 8 out of 10 said it lifts their mental state daily… it makes them feel good.

* Contribution – More than half the people surveyed felt more connected to the local community and the world.

* Ends Isolation – 8 out of 10 reported that their involvement in photography had increased their contact with other people.

* Surprise! – The quality of the photos taken did not influence results. Even though half the people found others showed little or no interest in their photos, these folks still reported feeling all of photography’s positive benefits!

When asked to reveal, in their own words, the benefits they enjoyed from photography here’s what they said:

* Connecting with nice people
* Relaxation
* Reduced stress
* Creativity
* Extra income
* Greater appreciation of the world
* Help people preserve memories
* Make people happy
* Get out of the house
* Meet new people
* Nostalgia
* Makes me feel better

*2010 Survey Conducted by

If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I’d be shocked at these results. Who ever thought that taking photos could be so therapeutic?

But it is!

This was just an average group remember, made up of people 18 to 80 years old, male and female. Regular folks just like you and me!

My question to you is this:

Which problem area would you like to quickly see disappear?

Do you…

…want to feel more confident?

…want to improve your self-esteem?

…want to meet new people?

…want a reason to get outside? Maybe travel a bit on your own?

…want a fun way to lose weight and improve your overall fitness?

…want to keep your mind fresh and excited?

…want to have people admire and praise you?

(It sure feels great when your friends go “Ooh! and Ahh!” over your photos)

If you always wanted to paint, but failed. If you ever wanted draw well but could never get your traitor hand to go along, photography is for you.

With all the simple and creative digital photo editing programs out there, photography offers one of the easiest paths to being a great artist.

Unlike painting or drawing where you have to start from scratch, photography lets you start with a great photo and simply add your own artistic flair! It’s easy to become a great digital photo artist!

“Change Your Life in a Flash” show you exactly how to master your digital camera to begin producing better photos instantly.

No matter what camera you now own,
you will see great results, in just the first day!

Here’s just some of the topics covered in the audio program:

* Composition – I’ll show you the tic-tac-toe secret you can use to compose great photos instantly!

* Lighting – why that pop-up flash may be ruining your photos, I’ll give you two better options for quickly improving your photos.

* Technology – I’ll tell you the only two cameras you should buy if you’re serious about photography…and no, they don’t cost a fortune.

I also share my top-secret photo editing tips as well!

As a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals I wrote the book on Photoshop so to speak. My simple, “Photoshop Recipe Cards” book has sold around the world and helped 100’s of people get good at photo editing, fast!

Digital photo editing also offers the amateur photographer a chance to save bad photos that previously would have been thrown out. You’ll never have to lose another precious moment again due to your so-so camera skills!

Any photographer can appear great…even if they’re just beginning.

My audio program, “Change Your Life in a Flash” gives you 4 great ways to edit your photos like the pros do. Your friends will wonder how you got so good so fast!

Taking great photos is just one great reason to try my program.

But I’ll also share the real secret that let Marcia, Patrice, Ken, and David change their lives in a flash with photography.

Many of us like to take pictures right? But that hasn’t changed our life.

There is a simple shift that Marcia, Patrice, Ken and David made that let photography become such a dominant force for change in their life.

It’s not difficult, in fact anyone can do it (as seen in the 100 people who took to my survey). But this one simple change makes all the difference between the snapshots you take at parties and the kind of life changing photos you take that cause people to stir inside. That cause YOU to stir inside.

Once you make this shift, your whole life will change because you will begin to see the world though “new eyes”.

“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.”

“Change Your Life in a Flash” will allow you to see a world you never knew existed. You will develop a WAY of seeing that will truly transform your life.

You’ll hear all the details in my audio program.

Sit back and relax, listen to full 90 minutes of audio recorded on two CD’s. Pop them into your car stereo as you drive to work. Listen to them at home as you unwind after a hard day at work. Any way you chose, you’ll enjoy listening to these CD’s over and over absorbing ever detail.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.
Rick Rouse runs one of the greatest outlets for worldwide photography. Folks from all over the world come to his website daily for his photos and stories from around the world. And for all the great photography resources at his website.

Here’s what Rick had to say about “Change Your Life in a Flash”

Rick is a great guy. I’ve known him for years. Well enough to know that he wouldn’t risk one iota of his reputation or his website’s popularity over one small fish like me.

I was scared when I sent him my program. Petrified! I’d never stepped out of my comfort zone like this before. But I felt it was so important. I knew there were so many people out there struggling, looking for a way out of their misery. And I knew photography could help them. I knew my audio program could help if they would just listen to it once.

I’d experienced the phenomenal power of photography in my own life. I’d heard from 100’s of people who were living a better life now because of photography. But what if I couldn’t get that across in my materials?

Rick’s review gave me shivers. After that I knew I had created a program simple enough to be useful to everyone.

Now, you can have it too!

If you’re finally ready to say, “Enough!”…
If you’re done with all the same old, same old….
If you can’t stand another moment of doing nothing but thinking about your problems…
If you want to try something that will immediately lift your spirits and give you hope…

“Change Your Life in a Flash” is a something you must listen to.

In just 90 minutes time your whole life will change. You will know exactly what you must do. And you can start immediately with any digital camera.

I’ll show you how taking a few pictures, in a certain way, can make anyone feel better fast.

* Do you suffer from depression?

* Are you bored?

* Are you feeling lonely, unloved, cut off from society?

* Are you under fit or over weight?

* Do you have a nagging pain that won’t go away?

* Do you feel there is so much inside you that’s great and needs to  come out?

* Are you looking for some attention and recognition for your talents?

* Maybe you’d love to travel but are afraid because you have no one to go with?

You’ll discover a safe, fun way to travel… even if you’re on your own!

Once you know the secret behind Life Changing Photography, you’ll change your life just like Marcia, Patrice, Ken and David did. You’ll change your life just like ALL the people in my survey did.

Wallace Wattles, in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” explains that success is not a matter of doing certain things, but rather doing things in a certain way.

Just taking photos is not the thing that leads to big change, but doing it in a certain way is.

I’ve distilled that way into three simple categories in my program:

I call them Shoot, ‘Shop, and Share.

While you could get by with just two, combining all three leads to the biggest change for most people.

In the first section, I’ll give you great tips for becoming a better photographer. In fact, I’ll share the same tips I got from a photo contest judge that let me take first prize in numerous International Photo Competitions. I’ll show you how to shoot like a pro!

In the next section, I’ll turn you on to one of the great joys of digital photography. Editing.

With digital photo editing you take full control over the quality of your work. When you can change the picture after it’s made, your photos can have the look of a pro, even if you’re not that good with a camera yet. I’ll tell you about all the wonders of using Photoshop to edit your photos. Many folks find more enjoyment in editing the photos than taking them!

Finally, one of the great joys we get from photography is sharing our work with friends. I’ll show you all the best (and safest) places to share your photos with the world.

Photography is a universal language like music. A good photo in the USA looks just as good in China, Denmark, or Spain. With internet access, you can make friends and earn admiration from folks around the world!

Shoot. ‘Shop. Share

Digital technology makes it all possible. In my program I’ll show you how to put them all together for life changing results.

If you’re ready for change. If you’re ready to really live and have some fun I’ve got something great to share with you.

“Change Your Life in a Flash” will fill up your life with so many new possibilities… you may not have time for work or school anymore!

You’ll be jumping out of bed each morning, eager to explore and capture the beauty of each new day. Spend the day taking photos and then take your prizes back home.

Open your photos on the computer like a gift. See what treasures came into your camera today. Pick out a few and edit them even better.

Share them online and feel that big grin come across your face as the compliments pour in. Beware though, that feeling is addictive!

Imagine, you can do it all again tomorrow too!

I even share my secrets on using photography to improve your physical body as well, including how to burn 3x as many calories while out on your photo walks! Photography can help create a leaner, trimmer you…without treadmills and boring fitness routines.

If you’re ready, photography can change your life starting today.

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You risk nothing. There’s no reason not to try.

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If you, or someone you love needs change, I can't think of a more powerful,
more simple way to get started on the road to happiness.

Better photos, better life. I'll show you how to get started.

It a great adventure. C'mon along with me if you're ready.

"Change Your Life... in a Flash!"

Robert Schwarztrauber

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