“Picture Yourself Happier, Healthier, Fitter and Wealthier in 2015!”

Change Your Life in a FlashWith “Change Your Life in a Flash” you will literally picture your way to a happier you, a healthier you, a fitter you and perhaps even a wealthier you…Guaranteed!

Ever have that feeling? That erupting volcano that wells up inside telling you you were meant to be more, do more, have more?

Two years ago I had it bad.

It was on the eve of my 50th birthday I decided that my life would finally have to change… dramatically!

I was tired of waking up every day to the same old routine. Dragging myself out of bed 5 days a week for a job that I had grown to hate. Coming home as mentally drained as when I went in. Too tired mentally and physically to enjoy time with my family.

Or to take care of myself for that matter!

It was time for me to finally take the advice we’ve all heard over and over, “Do what you love.” So I did a little soul searching.

Back in high school I had really enjoyed photography. I did the whole darkroom thing with the negatives, and the chemicals and the printing. But when I went to college I gave it up.

The expense of photo equipment (not to mention rolls of film) back then clashed with the more pressing economic demands of social outings with friends, and of course dating.

Things had changed a lot since my high school days. . Film was gone for the most part. Digital was in now.

I was excited at the thought of buying a new digital camera. I imagined all the places I would go and the things that I would photograph. “This was going to be fun!”

The feeling was so energizing…and I hadn’t even bought the camera yet!

Little did I know how much that one decision would change my life.

And I certainly had no idea of the exciting hidden world I was about to enter.

A world where people had fun. A world where people were eager to rise from bed each day to witness and record a glorious golden sunrise.

A world where people looked for the beauty in things rather than the bad.

A world of excitement about what’s next. What wondrous sights would I see today? And where could I go to see them?

Adventure and excitement surrounded me now. I was more active, more vibrant, more nicer (ask my family!)

I  found a healthy, happy, new passion for life!

Next thing I know, all this photo activity had caused me to walk off ten pounds…without even thinking about it!

So I got curious.

Was it just me? Nobody ever said photography was healthy.

I searched the web, but found little. “Can’t be,” I thought. This is far too good. Somebody is keeping a secret. Everyone is talking and teaching how to take better photos, but no one is talking about how good it makes you feel.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I put a little survey together and invited photographers to share their experience. The results will surprise you:

  • 3 out of 4 people in the survey indicated that photography made them more active each week.
  • All of the survey’s participants said that photography stimulates their mind. Half stated that it made them feel more focused, more alive and creative.
  • 82% found the ability to sustain high levels of concentration while taking     photos. (not an easy task in today’s hurry up era of infinite distractions)
  • 93 people out of 100 reported that photography made them feel good about themselves.
  • Most study participants reported being involved just for fun, deriving little or no income from their photos.
  • 8 out of 10 said it lifts their mental state daily… it makes them feel good.
  • More than half the people surveyed felt more connected to the local community and the world.
  • 8 out of 10 reported that their involvement in photography had increased their contact with other people.
  • Big Surprise – The quality of the photos taken did not influence results. Even though half the people found others showed little or no interest in their photos, they still reported feeling all of  photography’s positive benefits!

When asked to reveal, in their own words, the benefits they enjoyed from photography here’s a snapshot of the replies:

“Connecting with nice people, relaxation, reduced stress, creativity, extra income, greater appreciation of the world, help people preserve memories, make people happy, get out of the house, meet new people, nostalgia, get exercise, lose weight, makes me feel better.”

That’s more like it!

I had stumbled upon a really terrific, hidden benefit of digital photography!

Because the expense of film, negatives, processing and printing were gone people were now free to take more photos, and they were… but they weren’t telling anyone!

The deeper I got involved in this, the more benefits I found.

…Like Marcia. She had totally lost her voice due to surgical complication. She lost her job and was isolated from the world now by her silence. Through photography she rose from the depth of her depression to find new hope and a new career in photography.

…Or Carolyn who found herself alone and depressed with only the booze now to keep her company after she left her husband. Photography became her beacon of hope and lead her to give up the drink,  and write a book about her adventures in photography.

…Or Carl, the Baltimore detective who found himself paralyzed after falling down a ravine in pursuit of a criminal. Photography and digital editing is now his most reliable form of relief from the chronic pain.

The more I looked the more stories I found of people who were experiencing real physical and emotional benefits from photography.

But it was all so random. Most folks just fell into photography by accident. They just did it and it felt good so they kept on doing it.

There are so many people who could benefit, I thought. Why can’t there be a system that shows people how to feel better on purpose?

And from that one simple thought, an industry was changed. Lives were changed.

In “Change Your Life in a Flash” I took all the knowledge I gained from talking to folks across the country, plus my own person experience and combined it into a program that ANYONE could use to get happier, healthier, fitter and wealthier through photography.

Have a look inside:

Chapter 1     The Survey That Changed Everything – I give you more exact details about how real folks just like you are seeing amazing results

Chapter 2    Technologies Combine for Change – Here I tell you about the three recent advancements in digital technology that have made this all possible now, and not until now. Hint: If you’re reading this now, you already have two of the three!

Chapter 3    Six Simple Steps for Success – you’re never lost because I guide you step-by-step so that everything you need is right there when you need it.

Chapter 4    Organizing for Action – most folks (and programs) fail because they fail to plan. While photography is indeed an art, and we love the freedom it provides, you’re never left to wonder “What Next?” because I let you know exactly what to do and when.

Chapter 5    The Ultimate Plan – this is where I guide you to create you very own custom plan for achieving the success you want. We don’t all want the same thing. Some want better overall fitness. Some want to lose weight. Some want to be more social. Some want to travel more. Some want their spirit lifted. Some don’t yet know what they want but they know they want something. I show you how to craft a plan and specifically what activities you should focus on to get where YOU want to go.

Chapter 6   Choose the Best Digital Camera for You – many people already have digital cameras and are ready to go. But if you don’t, I tell you the only two camera manufactures I recommend so you’re not wasting your money. And I tell you my personal preference and why.

Chapter 7    Simple Tips for Taking Great Photos – if you get nothing else from this program you will come away a better picture taker. Family and friends will be impressed be your new found skills and you’ll be an instant hit at parties and holidays.

Chapter 8   Digital Photo Editing for Fun and Profit – with film, you took your picture, had it printed and you were done. Packed those photos off in an album or box and that was the end. With digital photography, taking the picture is often just the beginning. If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, but could never get your traitor hand to draw more than a squiggle, you’ll be delighted to find digital photo editing – where everyone’s an artist!

Chapter 9    Connect and Share Your Passion – whether you like flowers, or planes, or trains, or automobile, or architecture, or water, or birds, or wildlife, or still lifes or faces or bodies, or boats there is another someone out there who can’t wait to see what you’ve found. We don’t all agree on what language to speak or write, but the whole world knows a good photo when they see it. I show you how to find those people and connect and share your passion.

Chapter 10   The Photo Fitness Phenomenon – this is the big one. The secret. The one know one else is talking about. Every other photographer will teach you how to take a better photo but no one is teaching you how to build a better, longer, happier, healthier life. I show you exactly what to do to turn this fun activity into a low-stress physical workout. Everyone wants to know how to turn a leisurely photo walk into a 3x calorie burner –  and I share that with you from my own experience.

If you’re stuck, if you’re bored, if you know you need to do something to change your life but haven’t the foggiest idea what to do, I highly recommend you try this out.

Risk free.

Listen to all 90 minutes of this informative and inspirational audio CD program. If you don’t feel as energized and excited as I did at the all the possibilities your camera can bring, then this program is not for you and I don’t want you to keep it. Send it back for a full refund. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

You were meant to have more, be more, and do more. This program will open up possibilities you never imagined.

  • It helps children find a passion and means for exploring this great planet we live on…
  • It helps teens find a positive outlet for expression…
  • It helps kids and parents create more fun activity times together…
  • And finally, It helps mature adults discover a purpose and passion for life. I help make retirement one of the best times of your life!

I show people of all ages how photography can literally,

“Change Your Life …in a Flash!

Come, explore the world, and the world of possibilities with me. Folks from 9 to 90 are already having a great time. Come join us!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Robert Schwarztrauber

Award winning photographer
and creator of “Change Your Life in a Flash”


P.S. Imagine… something as simple as taking a picture could do so much to improve your life. Wallace Wattles wrote in “The Science of Getting Rich” that folks got rich not because they did “certain things”, but because they did things in a “certain way”. I think that applies here as well. It’s taking photos in this “certain way” that makes all the difference in the world. Why not give it a try at least, have a listen,  and I’ll do my best to make sure it works out great for you. It will work, or you pay nothing.

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*Since I don’t wish to incur the wrath of any government agency, I must tell you that these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. However, in my non-medical opinion, from my own personal experience, and survey results, the specific, coordinated activities in this program involve no more risk than taking a walk to the store for a carton of milk. However, since I’m not privy to anyone’s particular medical history or current physical or emotional condition, I will caution you to please seek the advice of your physician before beginning this or any other physical fitness routine.There are no typical results, but naturally vary based on each individual’s starting and participation level.


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